$25              1/4 face  Adult

$15              1/4 face  Child

$40              1/2 face Adult

$30              1/2 face Child

$50-$75      Eye Mask  Adult- optional fx or 3D effects applied with special skin adhesive

$40              Eye Mask Child

$50              Simple Black and White Full Face Adult

$40              Simple Black and White  Full Face Child

$60 - 85      Full face Adult fantasy pretty or gory - optional fx or 3D effects applied with                            special skin adhesive

$150/hour   Body Painting

I will travel to paint you to look fabulous for your special Halloween or Day of Dead.

Special alcohol based paints will stay on you throughout the day and night.  Can swim or sweat and still look great!  Does not wash away! 

Easy to take off with liquid soap or make up remover

Want that special look to impress for your party?

Contact me at Happy@FortuneKookie Fun

Paint by Appointment