5 foot Mosaic Shadow Box celebrate the New Year, a Graduate  or birthday!

Chrome Balloons

Mermaid Tails

Exciting, Fun decor for you event!!!

These are just some of the possibilities for Special Events,
Corporate, School, Exhibitions, Fundraisers, Wedding Decor



To be paid in full upon receipt of the confirmed agreement/invoice sent to reserve installation date and time.  

Additional fees are considered for your invoice.

  • Styling Consultation fee:
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Rentals
  • Strike
  • Tolls
  • Parking 
  • Distance
  • Additional sourcing services

RUSH CANCELLATION POLICY - Invoices made within 14 days of event
  • Orders canceled within 24 hours of being invoiced: 20% service charge - 80% refund
  • Orders canceled with 2-11 days of being invoiced: 50% service charge - 50% refund
  • Orders canceled with less than 72 hours notice: 100% service charge - 0% refund


Minimum needed prior to event:     

If supplies and not in inventory, please allow 10 business days due to supply chain issues


Float times vary depending on balloon size, balloon type, elevation, and whether or not they are used indoors or outdoors. Please call for more details.

Sample Float Times at Sea Level, Indoors

Example: Arch float time estimate is 20 hours

Optional:  Balloons Treated with Hi-Float lasts 3-5 days

Please be sure to let me know if decor is for outside or inside

11-inch latex without Hi-Float® treatment: 20 hours

11-inch latex with Hi-Float® treatment: 3-5 days

16-inch latex without Hi-Float® treatment: 40-45 hours

16-inch latex with Hi-Float® treatment: 3-5 days

Mylar balloons: Remain full for 3-5 days but will float 14-30 days         

Grad balloon gallery 

Available Mylars and ideas

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