5 foot Mosaic Shadow Box celebrate the New Year, a Graduate  or birthday!

Chrome Balloons

Mermaid Tails

Balloon Pricing Guide

Please note: This guide is for general décor pricing from Fortune Kookie Fun. Custom orders, personalization, and specialty themes may incur additional charges. Delivery, set-up, strike fees, and sales tax are not included in the prices listed.

Due to a helium shortage, the cost of helium has risen substantially and caused a rate increase.  Availability of helium balloons depends on availability of helium. Includes ribbon.

Weights are $5 each and required by law for mylar balloons.


Send a custom made greeting card with your message with your gift delivery.  $10

Loose Helium Ballloons
11″ Standard latex                    $4.00
11″ Metallic or Pearl:                $7.00
16″ or 18″ Standard:              $12.00
16″ or 18″ Metallic or Pearl:  $15.00

18" clear with confetti             $30.00

24" clear with confetti             $35.00
3′  Air                                        $25.00
3′ Helium:                                 $55.00

Plain Foil Balloons
18″ Foil Balloons:   $ 7.00
26″ Foil Balloons:   $13.00
36″ Foil Balloons:   $18.00
40″ Foil Balloons:   $25.00

Megaloons add ons
36″-42″ Letters / Numbers       $35 each

Juniorloons add ons
14″-17″ Letters / Numbers        $10 each

50 piece minimum required for delivery of loose balloons.

Arch and columns

Note:  Double arch is 20 linear feet

           Arch on 6 foot table is 10 linear feet

           Arch over 6 foot table is 20 linear feet

          To calculate add height and width = linear feet


Arch Pearl, Helium =   $8 per linear foot, 20 feet minimum                        Starts at $160

Spiral 4 pack Arch, Helium $20 per linear foot, 20 feet minimum             Starts at $400
No helium- framed indoor only  $15 per linear foot, 20 feet minimum       Starts at $300

Quicklink arch - helium  20 linear feet                                                           Starts at $125

​String of Pearls -helium 20 linear feet                                                           Starts at $125

​Number/Letter arch - helium 20 linear feet                                                   Starts at $225

          Additional numbers/letters  $20 each

​​​Column =      (typical column is 5 feet tall $75)                                    Starts at $15 per linear foot

  outside columns pole/weight rental  $50 

  Toppers add $25 round 36 inch or fun spray of skinny balloons or number/fun jumbo balloon

Numbers = column style  6 feet tall                                                               Starts at $100 each                

​Swags =  balloons same size                                                                Starts at $15 per linear foot

Organics swag=   Includes one 3 ft and three 16"                                 Starts at $35 per linear foot

    Standard colors, up to two colors, using balloons                                  

     Additional colors, up to two more colors  add                                         $10/Linear foot

     Additional 16" balloon                                                                                $10 each

     Additional 3 foot balloon                                                                            $15 each       

     Additional Specialty balloons                                                                    $20/Linear foot

          Pearls, Chrome, Confetti, Agates, Custom imprinted                                

Mermaid Tail arch                                                                                           $495 and up

Designer Mosaic Shadow  box rental and filled - 5 feet tall                       Starts at $400

Designer Mosaic Shadow box filled with balloons - 3 foot tall                   Starts at  $300

Custom overlay 3 foot x 3 foot and up                                                       Starts at $125

Organic wall 5 foot wide x 8 foot high                                                        Starts at $750

​Organic 8 foot ring                                                                                     Starts at $300

​Mini organic for zoom 3 feet long                                                               Starts at $135

Decor Rental

​Pole, base, weight rental up to 1 week =                                                    $20 each set
    (I will refund you $5 if you return pole and base to me in San Francisco within 7 days)6 foot

Rectangular frame                                                                                     $  50

Gold hoop 6 foot frame                                                                              $  75

Chiara Panel 6'  (upside down U) white, add $25 custom color                 $ 85

Chiara Panel 5'  (upside down U) white, add $25 custom color                 $ 75

Chiara Panel 4'  (upside down U) white, add $25 custom color                 $ 65
​Grass background for arch/frames    5 feet x 7 feet                                   $125

Solid circle fill background for hoop                                                            $125

Silk or Floral rental for garlands                                                                  $75 and up       

Fringe for frame backgrounds - 2 or 3 colors                                              $75

Lights and extension cords                                                                          $ 75 and up

18 inch diameter cake stand                                                                        $25

Royal throne - Red and Gold                                                                        $75

"Oh Baby" neon rental 20x15                                                                       $150
"Oh Baby" in wood circle rental 24" diameter                                               $60

Table/Floor bouquets 

​For indoor use. Suitable for table or floor placement (please specify placement when ordering).

     3 Latex standard balloons, ribbon, simple weight                                $17 and up
     5 Latex standard balloons, ribbon, simple weight                                $25 and up
     7 Latex standard balloons, ribbon, simple weight                                $32 and up
     9 Latex standard balloons, ribbon, simple weight                                $41 and up
     4 balloon collar under 24" and up add-on                                             $5

​     Additional add ons: Pearls, Chrome, Confetti, Agates                        $10 each 

Non-helium balloon twisted centerpieces                                                    TBD


Custom imprinted                                                                                           TBD

Vinyl cutouts                                                                                                   Click here pricing chart 

Gender Reveals

Reveal balloon bouquet:

     1 Helium latex - Gender Reveal balloon 

     6 helium latex balloons topped with 24" reveal balloon to pop           $100.00.

           to reveal pink or blue color balloon

     5 foot tall Pregnant Gender Reveal Doll                                                $250.00

           pop belly to reveal pink or blue color balloon


Paper Tissue Pom Pom :  Custom made, choose your color(s)

           24"                                                                                                          $10 each

             6"                                                                                                          $  5 each

Candy Bouquet                                                                                                $40 and up

Candy Cups: Themed balloon twisted favors                                               Starting at $8 each

Clear Balloon Belly Twisted pals - Stuffed with treats TBD                         $35 and up each

Delivery fee and any toll is applied: 
Small Order Delivery starts at $30 and up - 

$150 if I need to rent a van.

Gas will be calculated for the distance

Balloon Pop Drops - filled with 5" balloons - Great for house parties

25 mini balloons/confetti  stuffed in hanging 16" Balloon incl popping wand   $30
50 mini balloons/confetti  stuffed in hanging 24" Balloon incl popping wand   $60
75 mini balloons/confetti  stuffed in hanging 16" Balloon incl popping wand   $85

Balloon Drops - filled with 11" and up balloons

​Narrow Bag Drops – $12.00 per foot
Narrow drop bags are 3.5 feet deep
Great option for lower ceilings and smaller venues.
25ft Long Bag (Approx 200 balloons) – $300.00*
20ft Long Bag (Approx 170 balloons) – $240.00*
15ft Long Bag (Approx 115 balloons) – $180.00*
10ft Long Bag (Approx 65 balloons)   – $120.00*​

Deep Bag Drops – $30.00 per foot
Narrow drop bags are 7 feet deep
Great options for larger venues and taller ceilings. Generally requires the use of a lift.
25ft Long Bag (Approx 750 balloons) – $750.00*
20ft Long Bag (Approx 600 balloons) – $600.00*
15ft Long Bag (Approx 420 balloons) – $450.00*
10ft Long Bag (Approx 240 balloons) – $250.00*

Balloon Drop Installation fee =   

Setup depending on complexity of job          $50 and up
Strike and environmental disposal =             $50

*Delivery and rig charges are additional. Delivery charge is based on zip code. Rig charge minimum $75.00 when lift is not required and will vary depending on ceiling height/type and difficulty of balloon drop installation. In the event that lift is required the lift will be provided by the client at client’s expense. Technician not required, but if requested, technician charge $55/hour with 2 hour minimum.

Exciting, Fun decor for you event!!!

These are just some of the possibilities for Special Events,
Corporate, School, Exhibitions, Fundraisers, Wedding Decor



To be paid in full upon receipt of the confirmed agreement/invoice sent to reserve installation date and time.  

Additional fees are considered for your invoice.

  • Styling Consultation fee:
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Rentals
  • Strike
  • Tolls
  • Parking 
  • Distance
  • Additional sourcing services

RUSH CANCELLATION POLICY - Invoices made within 14 days of event
  • Orders canceled within 24 hours of being invoiced: 20% service charge - 80% refund
  • Orders canceled with 2-11 days of being invoiced: 50% service charge - 50% refund
  • Orders canceled with less than 72 hours notice: 100% service charge - 0% refund


Minimum needed prior to event:     

If supplies and not in inventory, please allow 10 business days due to supply chain issues


Float times vary depending on balloon size, balloon type, elevation, and whether or not they are used indoors or outdoors. Please call for more details.

Sample Float Times at Sea Level, Indoors

Example: Arch float time estimate is 20 hours

Optional:  Balloons Treated with Hi-Float lasts 3-5 days

Please be sure to let me know if decor is for outside or inside

11-inch latex without Hi-Float® treatment: 20 hours

11-inch latex with Hi-Float® treatment: 3-5 days

16-inch latex without Hi-Float® treatment: 40-45 hours

16-inch latex with Hi-Float® treatment: 3-5 days

Mylar balloons: Remain full for 3-5 days but will float 14-30 days         

Grad balloon gallery 

Available Mylars and ideas

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