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Fortune Kookie Fun is a Green company

Promoting balloon artistry, knowledge, reuse 

and stewardship of planet earth

Balloons are non-toxic and bio-degradable made from natural rubber.

Get the Scientific facts about balloons, helium,  tips at

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Dear Family and Friends,
I hope you are all doing well and adjusting to our new reality!!!
I have great news!!! San Francisco Chinatown is exciting in this new world....
I cordially invite all of you to tune into the 30th Annual Autumn Moon Festival presented virtually for the first time September 18th, 2020. Greetings from all over the world, Chinatowns, Entertainers and Celebrities!
Plus I am EXCITED to tell you....I am honored to be in this festival!!!
See how many times you can spot me!   Winner gets a prize!
If you want to see just my segment ...go to 1:50:20

Korene - Fortune Kookie

2018 Year of the Dog short starring Pluto for your party needs  

My participation in building 2015 parade floats

Industry Milestones - my inspirations!

Helium in the News

Making of Balloons

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