Crafts Ideas

Material cost $10-$15 per child 

Inquire about educational packages

Balloon Hovercraft

Bind a Book

Bubble Painting

Camera - make a pinhole camera

Catapults made from Craft sticks
Chinese Lantern with lucky red envelopes

Color Butterfly Wings
Color Masks

Coloring spaghetti - teaches absorption

Decoder activity 

Duct Tape crafts

Felt Super Hero Capes

Flowers - crepe or felt

Gingerbread House - (Graham Crackers)

Jewelry - felt, beading or pom-pom

Lava lamp - oil, water, fizz tablet

Marshmallow molecule


Ornament decorating
Paint ceramics w/acrylic paints
Paint rubber ducks

Paper bag puppets

Potatoe Battery

Plant propagation - available violets, jade, cactus
Propagate a plant and decorate a planer

Recycled projects: i.e. creative plastic bottle reuse
Rockets - balloon racers
Rockets- Mentos

​Runway - Recycled Fashion

Spider - chenille sticks
Stamping with vegetables

Sock puppets

Super hero capes, felt

Tye Dye Tissue paper with markers-teaches dispersion

Witches finger in a box

Writing on Banana - teaches oxidation

Kid Games/Crafts 

Interactive Games

Balloon Barrage

Balloon Juggling


Carnival games:

​     Bowling




     (can create others)

Hokey Pokey
Hot Potatoe
Hula Hoop games
Musical Chairs

Ninja training
Parachute Play

Obstacle course

Red Light Green Light

Sack Race
Soap Bubbles
Tossing soft toys
Tossing water balloons

Treasure Hunts
Tunnels play