Dale Chung has been entertaining audiences of all ages since 1983. His talents include professional magic, martial arts, lion dancing, dragon dancing, palm reading and I-Ching fortune telling.
His charming rapport and quality Chinese costumes make him the premiere Chinese Strolling Magician in the Bay Area. He can perform any number of his crafts at birthday parties, grand openings, corporate dinner parties, trade shows and street fairs.


4S Party Supplier
Cardinal Productions
Chinatown Merchants Assc.
Chinese Performers Arts Assc.
Kei Lun Martial Arts Entertainment Inc.
Pacific Agenda
Pan Asia Entertainment
Party Pros
Plan-It Interactive
remiere Productions
Rick Herns Production
Silvia Wong & Co
Tom Cutts Productions
The Entertainment Connection
Unexpected Company

Major Events:

Birdseye Voila promotion
Holiday Inn New Years Event
Intel’s 25 Anniversary
Jack London dragon boat festival
SAM Magic Convention
PCAM Magic Convention
The SF International Terminal Grand opening
Yueba Buena Grand opening
Evergreen Co. performance tour Taiwan

A sampling of shows!

  • Clown

  • Cowgirl-Tales from the Toy Chest
  • Fairy
  • How to find a friend
  • Patriot
  • Pirate
  • Princess
  • Sailor/Mermaid
  • Snow Princes-Winter Wonderland
  • Spider Girl
  • Tiana 
  • Interactive Balloon Show
  • Watch me Climb in the Balloon Show



Empress of China
Holiday Inn
Hyatt Regency
The Fairmont Hotel
The Pan Pacific Hotel
Sheridan Palace
Davies Hall SF Symphony
DeAnza College Theater
Moscone Convention Center
Palace of Fine Arts
San Jose Convention Center
The Tropicana Casino Las Vegas

Dale Chung would like to personally invite you into his world of magic, lion dancing and psychic fortune telling.


Atel Insurance
California Academy of Science
IBM Toronto
Oakland Children’s Hospital Ward
Planet Tivoli
Sun Microsystems
United Airlines

Repeat Client listing:

Asian Art Museum
Chinatown 10/10 Moon Fest Street Fair          
Children’s Fairyland USA
Ikon Office Systems
Oakland Chinese New Years Street Fair
Yang Sing Restaurant

Fortune Kookie

Magically yours since 2002

Magical birthday shows are fun and silly
30 or 40 minutes available

A higher grade of magical effects versus what you will see at a typical children birthday show. Amazing stage illusions available. Imagine seeing your child float in the air!!!
or float a table!

All shows are tailored and themed to your party. Costumed character are determined by you. Kids become part of the show!

Your birthday child can be the star in the finale.... great photo opportunity!

A magically produced present
for  the birthday child.
Value up to $15

Fun filled stage shows are perfect for birthdays, street festivals, corporate events, etc. Kid tested - audienced approved.

Basic Magic Show Fun:  Magic may include puppets, parlour tricks, magical effects that are large enough to be seen by 10-30 people.

Amazing upgraded fun and professional stage illusions you would find on large stages, corporate events, TV shows such as Penn and Teller.  Stage level effects are larger and meant to be seen by hundreds of people.