Amazing singing candle

Delivery free with hiring entertainment service

Live example seen here


Theme Candy Cups -Party favors with a twist.  Balloon sculpture holds candy or other favors in the cup.  Balloon sculpture is a bracelet that they can wear.

Unfilled starts at $8 each.

Filled starts at $10 each.

Imagine a crew of Spiderman, Princesses Unicorns!!!
Contact me for ideas

Fortune Kookie Cookies -
Made Fresh for your event

Customized inserts!

Hand Crafted Custom Take Out Box
holds 100 cookies

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, green tea flavor
          no mixing of flavors

Pre-order 5 business days before event

Rush is 4 days add $20

Delivery only  -

service only available in SF, Daly City, Colma

New at factory - Belgian Chocolate Dipped with sprinkles!!!  Minimum order 12 cookies 

Order Here

100 pieces



 $ 20.00

$    3.00


Custom Fortune Kookie tins  

Cute circus design or drop photo tin.  
 Tins can be filled with candy mints,  sugar free mints, or stickers

Ready in 3 days after receiving photo 

Can be shipped directly to you or delivered when I arrive to your event.

Minimun order is 24 tins
     2 1/4" x 1 3/4" hinge tins

Order Here

$ 3.00

Fortune Kookie T-shirt   - coming soon!  
Order Here


Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure, written and illustrated by Travis Tom. Animal Alliterati is an alphabet book fully illustrated with animals from A to Z. The book is written in alliteration for each letter of the alphabet making it a quirky tongue-twisting fun read. For example: "An alligator, ant and astronaut ate apples and asparagus alone at an art agency". The coloring book version is in PDF format in black and white with outlines and allows the user to print the pages to their heart's desire on a home printer for personal use only. Have fun coloring!

Now the eBook is available in the iBookstore, NOOK and

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